GQG Partners Celebrates Three Years of Strong Growth and Executing Long-Term Vision

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FORT LAUDERDALE — June 3, 2019 — GQG Partners LLC (GQG Partners) recently celebrated the three-year anniversary of its founding. As the firm surpasses more than US$22.5 billion in regulatory assets under management, its co-founders reflect on the past three years:

RAJIV JAIN, GQG Partners’ co-founder and Chairman & Chief Investment Officer
“The most exciting thing to me is seeing the cornerstones of our long-term vision settle into place. Our culture and commitment to client alignment is resonating with some of the most sophisticated consultants and institutions all over the world, which has been very gratifying.”

TIM CARVER, GQG Partners’ co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
“We’re so proud of the quality of our team, of the quality investors we’ve attracted, and of the performance we’ve been able to deliver. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better beginning to our journey and am looking forward to the years to come.”

GQG Partners commenced operations in 2016 under the leadership of prominent investor Rajiv Jain and business leader Tim Carver. The two shared a long-term vision of building a highly client-aligned investment boutique that would outlive them as founders. Mr. Jain and Mr. Carver split investment management and business management responsibilities along CIO and CEO operating lines. Mr. Jain is Chairman and the controlling shareholder.

As a boutique investment firm, GQG Partners remains deeply committed to client-alignment. “From day one we’ve viewed ourselves as co-investors with our clients. Our core values as a firm have focused on client alignment and investment excellence. Being an employee-owned company empowers us to build around those values,” states Mr. Carver. GQG’s co-founders have the vast majority of their net worth invested in the business and funds managed by GQG. The firm has further aligned GQG employees with clients through a compensation program that ensures nearly all employees are invested in GQG strategies. “I believe having skin in the game is critical, full stop,” says Mr. Jain.

Regulatory assets under management at the firm have grown to over US$22.5 billion in four investment strategies — Global Equity, International Equity, Emerging Markets Equity, and US Equity — through a combination of separately managed accounts, private funds, collective trusts, and mutual funds (and their international equivalents).

GQG Partners now has 56 associates across offices in Fort Lauderdale (firm headquarters), New York City, Seattle, and Sydney. Seven of those associates join Mr. Jain and Mr. Carver as equity owners in GQG Partners, a number the firm intends to expand. “It has always been my vision that we would have broad ownership among our team. At the same time, I believe equity should be issued to colleagues whose commitment and talent help us build something distinctive in the market — people whose vision reaches beyond today, who are committed to building a truly enduring institution,” states Mr. Jain.

What is next for GQG Partners in crossing the three-year threshold? “We have laid a solid foundation and have built a great team. But we’re operating in a dynamic market. The change in the asset management landscape that we are experiencing today is greater than any time I can remember. I believe the commitment, intensity, quality and nimbleness of our team provides us a tremendous strategic advantage in this environment. We will continue to make investments in our people and will always strive to enhance the client experience at GQG. We are looking forward to what lies ahead for the firm, our employees and most importantly, our clients,” states Mr. Carver.

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GQG Partners is an independent investment boutique focused on the forward-looking quality of equities around the globe. Our diversified research mosaic of traditional and non-traditional analysts seeks to identify quality businesses with sustainable earnings growth and reasonable market prices. Since our establishment in 2016 by Rajiv Jain and Tim Carver, GQG Partners has set out to create a benchmark of alignment in the industry: alignment with investors, alignment with our associates, and alignment with the global communities in which we work and live. Learn more at


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