Pioneers of an

GQG is more than just an asset manager. We have created an environment that nurtures excellence and innovation, with an emphasis on mastering our craft.

Behind our quest for mastery is a deep optimism and belief that tomorrow will be better than today, therefore we believe forward looking quality and our nontraditional research process are key to our long-term performance.

The reason people entrust us with their money is that at some point in the future, they expect to get more money back.

Rajiv Jain

It’s All About Performance

Managing money for our clients is an honor and a privilege. That responsibility fuels us every day to determine how we can do a better job for our clients. I can’t imagine doing anything else. When we started GQG Partners, I told clients that this was all about top tier performance. Every day, that is our goal. After all, the reason people entrust us with their money is that at some point in the future, they expect to get more money back.

Our goal is quite simple: to compound our clients’ capital over time. To do this, we need to protect assets in difficult markets and participate in rising markets. We have developed an investment approach that strives to do just that, based on a lens we call Forward Looking Quality. This concept ignores the traditional investment constraints associated with growth and value and instead focuses on investing in companies that we believe are going to be successful over the next 5 years and beyond.

Rajiv Jain
Chairman & Chief Investment Officer

Rajiv Jain

Our GQG team is in service to something much greater than ourselves. We are building the foundation to something that we are committed to ensuring outlives us.

Tim Carver

Our Culture

We are fiduciaries and accept, with humility, the great responsibility of managing our clients’ capital. We do this with intense respect and care, and as co-investors alongside you. We measure our success in terms of your success.

Performance is our passion. With a laser focus on excellence, we are on a constant quest to improve outcomes on behalf of our clients.  We are driven to master our craft with an unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth. We are obsessed with results – yours and ours.

We are innovators. We challenge ourselves to grow, adapt and learn. We seek out new perspectives and ideas. We have one of the most diverse teams in the industry. We are built this way to avoid the traps of group-think and anchoring. We believe adaptability is the key to navigating markets.


Our Team

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Our team spans the world with offices across three continents

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We consider it a privilege to manage money for our investors

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Our Investment Professionals represent over 10 countries of origin

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As of 30 June 2022

GQG is a collective of deeply experienced and insightful investment professionals from a variety of countries, cultures and backgrounds each immersed in the work of protecting and growing your investments. We are dedicated to serving our investors by seeking to build concentrated high-quality portfolios. Our approach is to apply our Research Mosaic to identifying quality companies – what we call Forward-Looking Quality.

Our investment team takes a deeply informed approach to equity research that is not constrained by the status quo. This permeates all we do, from constructing portfolios distinct from their respective benchmarks to focusing on unique business elements such as diversity of revenue streams and probability of disruption.

Through introspection and self-awareness, we constantly strive for mastery. Entrenched industry ideas leads to repeating costly mistakes.  We choose to critically analyze our decisions and exercise the self-discipline required to constantly evolve.

A Team Built on Diversity
of Thought

We built our investment team with diverse backgrounds and experiences from the beginning. Honing our edge requires us to develop perspectives that no one person can individually have. We believe that fundamental to objectivity is a quest to find views outside the traditional mindset of Wall Street.

Before a company is selected for your portfolio, it must pass through our team of dedicated analysts, portfolio managers and traders.