We are committed to building a distinctive investment boutique that can sustain itself over many years and market cycles.

Our Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Rajiv Jain, serves as Portfolio Manager for each of our strategies. With over 25 years of portfolio management experience in global and emerging markets equities, Rajiv offers a wealth of knowledge in an investment approach that he has developed and refined over many market cycles.

Rajiv works in conjunction with our CEO, Tim Carver, who has over 20 years of experience building and launching investment management firms. Together they foster a collaborative environment that values a diversity of ideas and perspectives. Our team of talented analysts consists of passionate investors and independent thinkers with the fortitude to challenge the short-term projections and backward-looking dogma that often dominate market discourse.

In keeping with our commitment to seek perfect alignment with our clients, a meaningful portion of our employees’ incentive compensation is invested alongside our client accounts. For us, success begins and ends with the client.

Any reference to a partner of GQG Partners LLC is to an individual who holds an indirect beneficial equity ownership in GQG Partners LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.

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